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April 24, 2012


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Things.......well yes too long of a title so yea. The rest of the title is things.


YEahh just say it. SONIC COMICS. Your head wants to explode.  The current arch does have it's fans i guess and I respect them for their opinions. But I find that more people don't like....Don't like is an understatement. I have seen complete utter and con-tempting dispisement of the writer, the characters, the actions, the plot, and the list goes on! Personally. I HATE this comic. THe utter impenitence of this comic is not present in ANY OTHER Comic book i have ever read. I am serious. I can take the worst comic book I read and Sonic comics just multiplies the wrong! It's so  unbelievably slopy that I am amazed. I swear it needs an award for the total consistent awful job being done by the writer, and sometimes the artists too! It's amazing actually. And I am goin to list what I think is the top 10 WORST elements of the comics of recent play. And even some of the major recurring problems

If you don't like my opinion, please keep in mind I don't want to offend anyone who supports Ian. I hate him, but not his supporters. Calm down and hear me out please.

# 10

The Universe of characters appearing ALL who which lack character development and are mary sues themselves.

As we all know there are alot of characters in the Sonic games. But to be fair they only appear when needed, or when they do appear they are down played in the emotional and plot driving amount of the game. The Comics has WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more characters in the comic to pay attention to. And to top it all off, the comic constantly puts focus on those characters who really should be more than Supportive characters or background characters.  And when they are suppose to be major secondary characters, they come off as an inconnvience or a major help or threat. You would be surprised how rare the latter is in these
comics.  Also their mood swings and actions seem really really really forced plot wise. It's all a convenience to make the "tension" seem more...tensiony.  The characters are basically used  to have emotional break downs or be boring and superfluous. Like the Nostalgia critic said in this Spider man 2 review: " If you're going to go through the trouble and have all these characters...ACTUALLY DEVELOP THEM"


The abundance of phoned in couples.

Fan fictions had more developed couples than the un interesting, cliche and kinda random pairings in this comic. And there are MILLIONS of them.
SnivleyXIron queen
Antione's kidXVictor's kid

And the list goes on.  And I am not going to talk about furries.  Here's the thing. SONIC IS A FURRY. If you pair him with a girl of any kind, then it's a furry. So I'm not complaining about that. What I am complaining about is that these couples are far from extinct. WAY Too many of these exist. You know how I said that alot of these characters are Mary sues? Well for couples it's a different story. They aren't mary sues. No no. They're Tokens. The stereotypical cliched love interest shoe horned in to the story for no point or lead in. From what I have seen, if he's a character then he has a couple. I wouldn't mind so much if, again, the characters were interesting and fun, not boring, superfluous, cliche, pretentious, and idiotic.

Now you might be wondering, " THEN WHAT MAKES TAISMO SO INTERESTING?? HU??"

Here's why it's an interesting couple. We all know why we like Tails so I'll only speak about Cosmo.
Cosmo is interesting cause she is kind of a mix between Cinderella, a messiah, and a little child.
She may act like she has lost everything, which she has, she does cry alot, she does have her moment where she is very depressed. BUT much like Cinderella, she can still find happiness in her life. She can still play with her friends and laugh, and help heal people so they can feel better. She also sacrifices herself in the love of keeping her friends safe and their universe safe.
Sure she is gloomy at points, but she has a child like presence and a huge heart and a good will to help people and to care for the others she loves.

Now what would this type of character type be in the Comic?
I dunno his/her mood would change just for the convenience of the plot, even going as far as changing her/his character traits from all I have mentioned into a sickened and heartless person who would do horrible acts out of her/his realm of personality. But we will get into that later. :/


the abuse to the SATam Characters

Bunny has suddenly been cured of an incurable attachment to her  after many years of being a cyborg, Antione is in a comma that he did not deserve, and Sally is robotized after an arch was spent in the pointless effort to save her from being shot.

I mean come on Ian. Enough with the shock value! How about some character and story development,  or even some GOOD planning for once??

These characters don't deserve this after SOOOOOO MUCH Trouble was spent (four months exactly) to have the world reset to save a character from death only to have her into a fate even more awful than death!
This is just making me think, "if sally gotten shot NONE of this would have happened". BUT THAT'S MY POINT SHE SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN SHOT IN THE FIRST PLACE IF YOU WANTED TO CAUSE SO MUCH POINTLESSLY  STUPID  SHOCK MOMENTS !
Besides, at least SATam does something better than Ian can never engaging.


the fact that the Comic is turning dark...........and I mean THIS DARK

Death, Genocide, Poison, Attempted murder by a hero, Tyranny, Politics, Paradoxes, city destruction, destroying worlds, emotional break downs, and a heavily negative and overwhelming atmosphere......................Cause THIS is what we want from Sonic the hedgehog right?
Why don't we put Mario in Doom
Or Mix Lord of the rings with Donkey Kong
Or how about 2001 a space odyssey with bubble bobble
Or Mortal kombat with the care bears fighting along with them?
And possible the BEST Idea
a Combination of Kirby and Sin city?

Listen. I know that the comic has it's dark moments......i say dark very loosely.....and also in the games too. But not THIS much. This is turning into and X-men clone...a really bad X-men clone.  
Have we forgotten what Sonic is all about?…
There is a difference in the games where it can be dark and epic.

It's mostly supposed to be epic and large but if dark, not so overwhelmingly dark. This comic just takes it the wrong way.

And if it took it the RIGHT WAY it still suffers from being poorly executed and just comes out as Stupid.


The video game addaptations comment. There is no attempt to fit them in the continuity.
They instead are just re drawings of the first cut scene of the game. :/ even the Genesis arch is like this. But we will get to THAT latter.

# 5

The Excuses that mandates are preventing you to expand on character personality for the Game characters.

I can do that. And I have many times in my pics!
I can build around the little tiny space given for personality that SEGA gives. And I have seen MILLIONS OF FAN DO THE SAME!
So Ian, you smug nincompoop, why can't you??

# 4

The fact that SEGA doesn't step in, slap Ian and the others in the face and say " HEY! KNOCK IT OFF!!"

The difference of this Comic and SonicX is that Sonic X is created by Sega it's self. Archie is only given a licence and Sega has no input cause they Don't give a shit.That is until another nincompoop writer screams I OWN YOUR PROPERTY! then they get involved and start to question their licence. :/
Hey Sega if you wan't them to have their counterparts like your originals and change when you want only,then why don't you work WITH them? It just gives them more opportunities to hire an incompetent writer to write AROUND the mandates you gave them and then Slap your " Seal of Quality" label indicated by your Logo in the top corner??
Putting your logo means that you really want to put this out cause it's so good.
Here's a tip. GET into the action and stop the madness. Look at Ken! Another writer could be doing this in the future! Or better yet, CUT OFF THE LICENCE. If the creators of your products are not willing to get their thumbs  out of their arrogant asses and write good stories to represent your characters and products then CUT THEM OFF!!!.


The Genesis arch.

:icontrollfaceplz: Hey Sonic fans! Wanna finally see us represent your childhood memories and reboot our Comic?

At first I LOVED the genesis comics. It was almost the perfect representation of my treasured childhood memories with my Genesis.  Then sally and rotor and ant came in and it started to get a bit iffy real fast. But Is till loved it as a reboot..............then we go back to the regular arch. I was like awww ok fine at least you saved sall right?

Then mecha sally...................................

AND MARKETING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok lets calculate this.
4 months and one issue cost 2.99 and add that together and then add 730.484398 (hours in a month ) And multiply it by 4 then we have:

11 dollars and 96 cents, and 2 921.93759 hours wasted on Money, development time, consumer time, and just time in general.



a tie between: Sonic issue 235's plot hole and happenings, and the fact that there barely is a hint of a resolution to any arch.

First, 235.
This issue is one of the top WORST Comics in exisitance for video game themed comics. Sonic has turned into a mindless asshole who isnt the fun loving good ol guy we love. Nope hes always angry and hurts others for the sake of Sally. Even his ALLIES!!!
Bunny left Ant durrning his comma..............look at my pic for a comment about bunny abruptly  leaving  Antoine.........let me put it in a few words.
And the main problem is the plot hole.
I mean SILVER (the scrappy doo of the Sonic universe) now makes an appearance and could of just went back in time and Saved sally from being robotizied.................................nope. Just to keep that pretentious plot moving along.

And everyone would know that after the climax of each arch,  a new problem already appears and the characters never take a break.
I have to ask..why......if you will never end comic, why do you have a climax?
Answer me that?
And besides maybe taking a break would give an advantage of developing the Simpsons ensemble of characters you have created.
Ever thought that ya numb nuts??

Phew..............this whole thing is wearing me down..but my passion for good quality work is still going


The Overtones, and manipulation of the characters that make them seem like selfish, uncaring, idiotic, pretentious,  annoying,
stupid, boring, bland and HEARTLESS!!!

Ian feels that just for the convenience of his story he can make characters go out of what they would actually do.
This is not only present in the current arch but is in many other ones as well. Most notably the SONIC vs TAILS Arch in which Sonic out loud negatively judges and insults Tails parents RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM AND TAILS!
And this throws Tails into a sobbing fit!

Ian do you realize hoe much this hurts?? TO see our child hood icon acting like this???
Im sorry but hes dead.

Sonic has died!
Admit it. Sonic has been KILLED in these comics and it makes me cry, vomit, and feel sick to my gutt just thinking about it!

:iconsadplz: This is no joke. These comics are so bad they are really really really starting to hurt me...badly.
As if my childhood and innerchild and heart is getting stabbed with a weapon that gust by pointing at a heart it bleeds it to death.

I haven't been this emotionally scarred by a Sonic product Since the death of Cosmo. And I gave up on the comics completely.

I hate it to the dephs of hel and to all the sins. I hope it dies DIES DIES DIES DIES DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

......:tears:...s-sorry...............t-there's my top 10 list..............................i wont upload a pic for today or night......i just need to calm down.................sorry..

please dont hate me. And if you support ian...please let me know why. I dont hate you and you can ahve your opions.......night.................
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KHwhitelion Featured By Owner May 15, 2012
It sickens me: I've been a sonic comic fan for a decade or so, but this arc...ugh. I don't like Sega sonic/Sonicx/the games but I don't care for the comics right now EITHER. I'm still going to read them just to see it to the end but I'm not happy here -_-

SO many things are apparent: Sega wants it's characters as the main focus, so bye bye other freedom fights except tails, Sonic and amy >>;;

People want Sally clothed. Hence, upgraded weaponized mecha form @_@

It's like there's more conflict than resolution and its a bloody pain in the ass.
HallowpointPaws Featured By Owner May 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I know how you feel. Timon the meerkat from The Lion King was my childhood hero, but Disney had to go and ass rape him and make him into a selfish A-hole in the Timon and Pumbaa cartoon and in TLK 1 & 1/2. I also felt as if my childhood had been raped when I first heard of the Lion King Broadway show in which the costumes and set design look like something from an LSD trip. Aparently some people admit to loving the Broadway show more than the actual movie...WTF? Anyway, I know how you feel about your childhood being butt raped.
HallowpointPaws Featured By Owner May 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree! People wonder how I can be a Sonic fan, but perfer Sonic X over SatAM. X isn't so dark and depressing all the time. I swear Ian Flynn is trying to turn the comics into a furry soap opera. I just perfer to make up my own backstories.
cartoonking1 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012
I respect your opinions to my friend, it is totally ok that you don’t like the comics but I think you might be taking the comic a little too personally.

10: We can only spend certain amount of time on side-characters; the main characters are the main focus. The side-characters fill their purpose, though I agree that they could use a bit more development but I think they are starting to get some in the Sonic Universe. The term “Mary-Sue” are used far too often and are much to general in my opinion, you can easily say that the SEGA characters are “Mary-Sues” or that any main characters in any media are “Mary-Sues” but that is just one nerds opinion.

9: This is all subjective, you say that Taismo is interesting for the reasons you stated another might find it incredibly cliché for those same reasons, the same for couples in the comic.

8: Pre SEGA Mandates sate that Sonic cannot loss/ look un-cool (unless he wins the next issue, which is why Sonic beat Eggman so quickly in issue 177 after Eggman beat Sonic in 175) so if Sonic always wins then the comics get boring, the way to fix this is affect his friends, the SatAm cast are not under the same protection that the SEGA cast does so they are fair game.

Antoine was willing to give his life to save the true king, which shows how far he has come from the coward he used to be.

Sally robotizeation after being shot was meant to be unfair, she just got saved and she has to give it up to prevent all of the planet’s technology and half of the populace from being robotizeation.

Life is not fair, bad things happen and sometimes a lot of bad things happen at once but there is all ways a light, like in the newest issue, I mean this is Sonic the Hedgehog of course there will be a happy ending.

7: Harry Potter was darker than this, Hell ‘Other-M’ Ian’s old fan comic was darker than this.

6: They do fit in some of the games but they will not stop a current story to insert game adaptations just with the Archie cast, if you want that then you can watch “Sonic X”

5: You are a fan, you have more freedom, I guaranty if you were in a position you would be just as restricted. Here is a quote from his devi-page:

“There's a number of restrictions we're under that I can't talk about, but some of the chief ones are:
- Sonic can never lose (aside from special arrangements - that why the turn-around in #175-177 was so fast)
- SEGA characters can never age
- SEGA characters cannot wear different clothing/articles of clothing
- SEGA characters cannot act/change from their game-personalities
- Sonic can never be in a serious, unending romantic relationship
- Amy can never hook-up with Sonic
- We're not supposed to show Classic Sonic's design, even in flashback
- Sonic must never act "uncool."

So right there you can see that the SEGA cast has almost no room for character grow, which a hindrance is when doing an on-going narrative. SEGA, as the license holder, is perfectly in their rights to make rules to protect their property. That leaves us with the original characters to mold, change and grow. Now those of you who weren't in the know have an idea of the limits we work within.”

4: When has Ian ever screamed that “I own your property!”? If you don’t like “Archie Sonic” fine but don’t try and take it away from the people who do when you can just ignore it.

3: The Genesis arch was an anniversary piece that had an impact on the main story. I already went over Sonic

2: 235 with you so I won’t go into it here. You have a climax for each ‘STORY ARC’, that is what you do if an ongoing story. The Break issues happened right before the whole Nagus getting the crown.

1: You are really reading way too much into the comic here. The Sonic vs. Tails thing only lasted two issues and after that they have never been closer, the only reason they fought in the first place is because Ken Pennders put Sonic and Fiona were shoved into a relationship for the soul purpose of creating drama, when Ian came on board his job was to end all of Ken’s stories that included the animosity that Tails had to Sonic. Sonic can be an arrogant jerk from time to time but he did apologized for the way he acted to Tails.

Like I said in 235 Sonic was under a lot of stress and Silver says that Antoine is the traitor, Sonic was angry and he wanted to see Silver like he is, was it the right thing to do? Probably not but it is understandable.

If you are letting one comic about Sonic ruin your personal idea of Sonic then that is your own fault. There is different continuity for Transformers and My little Pony and Sonic, you don’t have to like ever continuity but to let one ruin your memories then you can’t blame the comic you have control of how you see Sonic no one else.

It‘s just a comic book, Ian is just a guy writing it, you don’t have to like the comic.

Here is an interview of Ian, I hope it can make you see that he is not a bad guy; you just don’t like his writing:


I Hope I did not come off as rude to you, take care.
DragoLord09 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012
Just when I thought entertainment companies couldn't get more stupid and ridiculous, another thing always pops out to surprise me. Case in point, the above mandates you've mentioned.
cartoonking1 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012
I know right it is silly.
Iyzeekiil Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Not at all but I was referring to the infamous recent trial of ken penders vs Archie comics.
He is the one saying he owns some characters, other than that, solid arguments . But still when we get right down to it, the main problem is lazy writing only going for shock value instead if good things. It all seems unnatural and phoned in. Never the less you have your points :)
ArchieSonicLulz Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2012
:clap: Well said, man.

You really spoke from your heart and I applaud you for it.

Sega and Ian Flynn are destroying everything we fans from the classic era loved about the blue blur.

There is no excuse for this whatsoever, to just make crap happen for more needless shockvalue.

Ian apparently prefers to put his overblown story over the development of the characters within in.

That is just asinine if you ask me.

Anyone with common sense knows the heart and soul of what makes fans love a series is the characters.

That is the main thing that separate a series from being just another sci-fi or any other kind of genre.
Iyzeekiil Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
^//////^ thank you man
ArchieSonicLulz Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012
You're welcome.

Anyway, 236 is another lame issue as far as I'm concerned.

It's nothing like the horror 235 was, but it was too much in the opposite direction.

Instead of showing a well thought out transition of the heroes going from sadness to getting their act back together, it happens within the first two pages, and in the most unbelievable of ways.

I mean, Sonic literally goes from his state of being crushed emotionally to, "Eh, time to get back to work then I guess."

This story is getting more stupid with every passing issue.

Seriously, what was the point in showing all that if Sonic was just going to snap out of it because of one speech from Amy?

Go figure Archie Comics and Ian Flynn.
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